Project Description


The frail little horse lumbered up the hill that leads to Pretty Horses Rescue on a particularly hot May afternoon in 2014. She was lathered and sweaty and had a dull caramel colored coat. Her mane and tail were short and charcoal in color. She was sporting a big leather saddle that swallowed up her tiny frame and a leather headstall and heavy bit that she was pushing against. Clearly uncomfortable under the heavy weight of her rider as his spurs dug in to her sides nudging her final steps up to our ranch. Hiding behind her was a young charcoal foal with a white blanket butt and tiny black spots. The mare being ridden had just given birth one month prior to her arrival with us and she was at least 250 pounds under weight.

The man who owned her said that he was unable to afford her and that she was for sale, either to us or to the slaughter house. If we didn’t make the purchase that day the mare would be killed by the next. Krystal found a way to pull together the funds and paid for the mare and baby right then and there. The heavy saddle and bit were removed like the chains off of an innocent man and she was introduced to her new home.

The arrival of Luna, named for the crescent shaped white spot between her eyes, was much like many other rescues. Not that any of their stories are exactly the same but our vet was called out for a check up. Dental work was done. Treatment for parasites was administered and her hooves were cared for. She was put on a special diet to help her gain the vital weight needed for her nursing and her health.
Through the following months, Lunas’ coat improved, her coloring popped and her mane and tail started to grow back. With some good nutrition and lots of love, Luna showed her true colors. She transformed into a beautiful little buckskin with appaloosa white spots on her rump. She had a “wild eye” and never missed a moment to run! Usually stirring up the other horses in the pasture to follow her in kicking up their heels.

The most amazing characteristic of young Luna was the way that she cared for her little foal. Even though she was sick and skinny and obviously did not feel well she allowed her baby to nurse, and nurse and then nurse some more. For almost a full year Luna gave herself to her baby and it wasn’t until she finally weaned her that Luna really started to build muscle and gain some weight.
After her baby was weaned, we began the preparation of Luna back under saddle. She had an amazing desire to work hard and fast. She took to the new, kinder and gentler, way of doing things with a eager attitude. This little mare is anything but dull. Daniel recalls the day he absolutely fell head over boots for her.

One day while out riding Luna on the trail, some friends riding a few of the more experienced horses took off galloping up a hill. Not having ridden her in the canter yet, and not sure just how she would respond, Daniel gave her the reins and a little kiss. She lunged forward like a catapult and the rocks and dust flew from her hooves. Little Luna caught up to the other horses so quickly and even passed some of them. Daniel bellowed out with laughter, a huge smile covered his face.
Since that day, Daniel and Krystal and many others have enjoyed just how special (and fun) Luna is to ride. Just like so many of our rescues, If you treat her right and build that trust she will give her heart and soul to you. Luna is currently available to ride for more experienced riders and is also available for sponsorship.

What ever became of the shy little nursing foal you may ask…….. Look up the Bio on Addalida! You won’t believe her transformation.