Project Description

The old Ford pickup truck rolled up the dusty ranch road and slammed to a halt! BAM!!! Her face crashed in to the trucks tailgate. Blood filled her mouth and teeth spilled out on to the dirt. She reared back, the whites of her eyes in plain view revealing her obvious fear. The young mare snorted and struggled but could not free herself from the rope that was tied around her neck and fastened to the bumper of the mans truck. Only one upper Incisor was left in the front of her mouth. She was breathing so heavy that it looked like her lungs might just burst. Trembling, sweating, and exhausted!

The driver of the truck threw his door open, shouting profanities in spanish and trying to explain what a bad horse she was! He claimed that she was dumb and he needed to sell her or he would kill her. We knew this to be true because the pretty little paint with a pony frizzy mane was very near death that day.

Krystal walked right past the man, who was obviously high on some form of drugs and untied the little mare. She then walked her in to a stall where the mare drank water for what seemed to be an hour. She petted her neck and reassured her. “You are safe now and this is your home”.
The moment that Krystal untied the rope from that bloodied horses neck she freed her. Not only from the trucks bumper but from a crazed drug addict who happened to own the mare. She also freed her from a lifetime of abuse, rage, and fear.

Thanks to a wonderful donation from a very special person a deal was made with the man. He got his money and we got the horse.
DULCE was the name that the donor chose for her due to the mares incredibly sweet disposition despite the abuse that she had already endured in her life. She has been with us since 2014 and She is fun, energetic and beautiful. She is an active part of our trail rides and also has a beautiful canter in the arena.

Dulce is still in need of a sponsor and if any intermediate to experienced rider wants to meet her and take her for a ride, please contact us.