Project Description

The sun was setting over the ocean on a particularly cold Baja November evening. Krystal was out running errands and she had just pulled off the highway and on to the dirt road where Pretty Horses is located when she spotted him.
At first, she couldn’t hardly believe her eyes. It was dusk after all. “Was that a baby horse” she thought to herself. She immediately slammed on the brakes of her big Dodge Ram and threw it into reverse. Yes indeed, it was a sickly looking foal. The baby horse was tiny. He had an oversized halter fastened around his neck like a dog collar. The halter was attached to a short rope and tied to a stake in the dirt. No water and no food were present. The baby horses head hung low, his shaggy winter coat was matted and it hung on a fragile skeleton of a baby horse loosely, like a cheap suit. He could not have been more than 10 days old. This baby would not make it through the night without water, food and shelter.
Krystal immediately called her husband, Daniel who was on shift at his Firehouse in LA. She was almost frantic explaining to Daniel the details of the little guy that needed help. They immediately agreed to offer cash to the baby horses owner. They were determined to get this foal no matter what the cost.

Krystal rushed home to the ranch and gave money to Pretty Horses long time employee Ivan and explained to him what needed to be done. She pleaded with Ivan to not come back without that baby horse. No matter what the cost!! They were determined.

The lot where the baby horse was tied up is owned by a local farmer that has had, in his possession, more than one highly underweight and sickly horse. Always snubbed to a post or tied with a short line. Never any evidence of proper forage or water.

The team from PHR had even purchased one of these horses several years prior. Unfortunately, this horse was too sick and emaciated. She did not live long but she lived her last days in peace, pain free and covered in love with compassionate people around her.
The farmers methods and ideology about horse care differ greatly from that of Krystal and Daniel and therefore, Krystal knew that it would be better for the foal if Ivan did the bargaining with this man.
Ivan was a huge success! He made the purchase.

The little horse was so weak that Ivan was able to pick him up and load him in the front of cab of a pickup truck. The orphaned foal was taken home to Pretty Horses Ranch where his rehab and new life would begin!

That first night Krystal made a nest for him in a horse trailer with hay, blankets and even pillows where the little guy could sleep. She tucked him under a blanket and cuddled him like a dog. Krystal and Daniel ended up sleeping with him in there for about a week. He was fed heated Mares Milk Replacement every couple of hours around the clock. He was treated for parasites and he started to put on weight.

PHR reached out to friends and supporters in their horsey community to help purchase the (very expensive) Mares Milk Replacement powder and the reaction from the people was amazing!! Everyone pulled together and lifted this little sickly foal up out of his impending doom to a beautiful new life.
Black Cross Wines held a “NAME THE BABY” contest and his name Bendito , which means blessed in english , was appropriately given!

We call him little Benny for short and he is one of the sweetest and most affectionate yearlings you’ll ever meet. He spends most of his time now rough housing with the other young horses down in the pasture or following his adopted Mom and Granny, Addy and Luna, around!
Now that you know his story please come meet this amazing horse! He still needs a sponsor.