What is All The Pretty Horses?

All The Pretty Horses Rescue of Baja California is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation , and support of neglected and abused horses in the Northern Baja California area.

In 2007 a young lady from Texas changed the life of an abused and emaciated mare with her month old colt by purchasing them from a man who was using the starved horse for rental trail rides near the beach in Baja California, Mexico. Standing in a pen on the road side was this “unbelievably skinny” mare. The young lady was so shocked by the shape of the horse that she had to intervene.

After two weeks of pleading and negotiating with the previous owner he finally conceded to her perpetual request to sale! After he agreed, the young Texan drove down miles of dirt roads searching for a ranch or property suitable to rent and board her new horse. A true “cart before the horse” type of incident, but it worked! A ranch was found that would rent her a pipe corral pen and the young lady handed over $300 US dollars and took possession of the mare and colt. The young lady was only 20 years old and did not own a horse trailer and without friends around to lend her one, she walked the horse over three miles to her new home. The persistence and determination of the young lady to provide a better life for the mare was ,and still is the back bone of All The Pretty Horses Rescue. Our Motto has always been to put the animal first. Considering their individual needs is the basis for all rehabilitation and training that is done at Pretty Horses Rescue (PHR).

Since that day over 100 horses have been rescued and rehabilitated by that young lady, her husband, and an amazing team. Many of those horses have been adopted to forever homes and many more call PHR their home and sanctuary.

Today we are proud to share our rescue horses for therapy with local orphanages, under privileged children from our community, a human trafficking group, and a local school for special needs.